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Amazing Bangkok Adventure

Amazing Bangkok Adventure

Enjoy your day with exciting activities!

“it was so so great that I joined my day with Amazing Adventure Bangkok”

I had an opportunity to joined the challenge with Amazing Adventure Bangkok. I was so happy at that time. If you are looking for some exciting activities, I would like to suggest you join this company. And you will have the experience that you will never forget!

  • My team is Baguette

Every teams get the money 1600 Baht and we need to manage the money for all the challenge.

  •     The first challenge :

Buying the ingredient of Thai local food; SOM TUM ( Papaya Salad ). First, we decided to walk from the start point to the market ( it was crazy haha ) and after we changed to take the bus. We did it so great because there were so many things that we got it for FREE such as    green bean, chilli, tomato and whatever haha. 

  •     The second challenge :

After we had to find the way go to local restaurant for cooking. And our team style is FREE DRIVE haha! but it was fail but not really fail because we took the taxi but he was so nice with us so, we got discount. After we learned how to cook Thai local food and it was so great.

  •     The third challenge :

Mystery food is coming … This challenge we had to test 2 Thai mystery famous dishes what them made from blind folded. Then we need to guess the ingredients and let’s see who is the best in food!

  •     The fourth challenge :

Let’s get on a bike! We ride a bicycle go to Bang Kra Chao for sight seeing and making the flower for Buddha. That was so pleasure time on the trip. 

  •     The last challenge :

Back to basic. After a long day in Bangkok we just back to the start point to take a rest, had lunch with our team, get to know each other because we are from the different places we didn’t know each other before we came here. Thus, it was so perfect! not only having fun and enjoy one day trip with Amazing Adventure Bangkok but also make new friends


Finally, We are the WINNER of this challenge. We did it so well.

"If you are interested in this activities, Let’s go joy the next adventure!"

Romantic Bangkok Night

Romantic Bangkok Night