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Drive in Myanmar

Drive in Myanmar

How to drive cross Myanmar

"I’m just a girl who have a dream to drive around the world"
My baby 4x4 and his friends

My baby 4x4 and his friends

If you want to drive cross from Myanmar to India, China or the way back to Thailand, you have to buy a guide from Myanmar agency for manage all your documents to the border. If you don’t do that, there are not possible to drive alone and cross the country. By the way, I suggest you go with Myanmar Senses Family Travel and Tours company.  I was in Myanmar with this company and everything was PERFECT! I spent time in Myanmar for 10 days and 9 nights not so bad. First, I was from Mae Sot Thailand to Myawaddy Myanmar border. It was easy when you cross the road to Myawaddy border, the company will send a guide for picking up and manage all the documents with the officer, take time around 1 hr. if you don’t have a permission from the government and your name on the list, the officer will say only NO! 

    All the trip I paid the company 820$ per person but the  price will be depend on the trip, I have 3 cars with 6 people on my trip that’s why the price was not really expensive. I heard about one Indian guy ride a motorbike alone and they charge for 3000$. so, you must talk to the company with the plan before you pay and create all your trip. 


Policeman Check Point!

Policeman Check Point!

For my trip 820$ what’s included:

  • 9 nights stay at the hotel with breakfast
  • Escort English speaking guide
  • Permission documents all the trip
  • Pilot car and government officer
  • Temporary driving license fees
  • Travel insurance
  • Entrance fees for travel in Myanmar
  • Drinking water all the trip


The itinerary of the trip

Day01 : Maesot - Myawaddy - Hpaan - Golden Rock

Day02 : Golden Rock - Naypidaw

Day03 : Naypidaw - Inle lake

Day04 : Sightseeing all day at Inle lake

Day05 : Inle Lake - Began

Day06 : Sightseeing all day at Bagan

Day07 : Bagan - Mt. Popa - Mandalay

Day08 : Mandalay sightseeing half day - Monywa

Day09 : Monywa - Kalay

Day10 : Kalay - Tamu border

Me and my group!

Me and my group!

"Have a happy journey with all of you"
Bedroom in 4750 mt

Bedroom in 4750 mt

Best sleep in lake

Best sleep in lake