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First time trek

First time trek

- On Cloud Nine -

Let me begin by saying that I never took any trekking before this trip happened! But I just made it happen! And it was SUPER SUPERB TREK in my life.

Walking through the snow is the best adventure!

Walking through the snow is the best adventure!

Day 01 : Let’s take a fly together


I decided to start the trip from Phaplu to Gokyo lake by helicopter. Some people told me “ Are you crazy?” And “ know the consequences before embarking” Because they do worry about me that I might be get sick easily (AMS), anyway I took the helicopter from 2400 meters up to 4750 meters in 28 minutes! So, what happened? I didn’t get sick, Lucky me! but I felt little dizzy and after the owner of the hotel he was so nice. He took some garlic soup, pop corn and hot mango juice for making me feel better. (I feel so soothed haha) 

Trick for trip: if you don’t want to get sick when you are climbers! Take some garlics with you it helps you a lot, you might not think so but trust me just once and you will be better!

Day 02 : The real life has begun

I woke up little early in the morning and start trek at 8am but BAD NEWS had come, it’s snowing! The road, it was a bit hard to walk when it’s snowing. You must be really careful every step by step. so, I walked 14.3 km 23,072 steps and climb 35 floors on this day from Gokyo lake to Dole village. It was pretty hard. Along the road you can see so many things that’s very interesting and beautiful such as 2nd Gokyo Lake, mountain view, Yak and Sherpas.

Day 03 : Party at the highest pub of the world.


As usual I had to wake up early everyday when I was on trek cause we need to walk 5-6 hrs everyday. But on this day was a bit harder than yesterday (aghh) I had to climb up for 1 hr and half  non-stop. I walked from Dole village to Namche Bazaar (the place that have everything). So I took 6 hrs for 16.3 km 25,719 steps and climb 109 floors. However I was so happy when I arrived there. The city is so cool, there are bars, restaurants, shopping centre for trek etc. and I made a surprise for my guide because the day before it was his birthday so, we celebrated his birthday at Irish pub (the highest pub in the world) in Namche  Bazaar. We were enjoy time together drink, dance, play pool, watch a football game and let’s talk with the other trekkers and I recommend "YOU MUST VISIT HERE"

Day 04 : Comme ci comme ca day

Not a bad day but not a good day also! This day was nothing special, I just keep walking from Namche Bazaar to Phakding around 14 km 22,648 steps and climb 59 floors. The road was okay but my feet isn’t okay GRRR. I felt like my right foot is getting hurt because the day before yesterday my right ankle was flipped on the big rock. It’s kind of big hurt, however my life must move on (haha) I can’t stop when I was on my trek way!

Day 05 : A few day will reach finish line  

On this day, I didn’t walk much just did only 9 km 13,494 steps and climb 69 floors from Phakding to Lukla, cause … My ankle was swollen! If you can imagine, it likes elephant feet (poor Bee) :/ 

By the way, mostly people will be very happy when they arrive in Lukla because they will take time to chillax and waiting for fly back to Kathmandu but not me guys. (my way is not finish easily) I have to walk back to Phaplu with my elephant foot, little bloody on my toe, heavy bag pack but I don’t even know why I’m still happy and might be happier than some trekkers that wait for flight to fly back to the city.

Day 06 : It’s been a long day


On this day, we decided to walk over the plan cause I think that we can save time for a day (first, we plan for 8 days trek). So, Justin and I change plan and start the trek a bit earlier from Lukla to Karikola around 25 km. but I can’t reach that because of my pain, however we did’t fail the trip we were close to Karikola we were at Bupsa (22 km, 32,425 steps and climb 136 floors) and it's also the longest day trek on this trip. On the other hand, you know what happened? … when we stop at the village we saw 4-5 people try to do something with a cow. And that’s cow sterilization OMG!. I try to understand this is normal thing but I feel so sorry for this cow because they did it natural without any medicine for help painful. However, Justin was interesting with this and he tried to make video for his next report but the guys, they didn’t want us to make any video only picture, we respect them. 

Day 07 : Full of adventure

The last day of my adventure that I will never forget! It was a beautiful day in the morning … (kidding haha). I feel relieved on this day, my guide told me that we will walk around 1 hr and then we could take the Jeep in Karikola to Phaplu then I would like to say WOW so loud. I feel little tired, sticky, painful like I want to take a rest so bad. So, I was really intent to walk fast and enjoy  the last hour trek like I forget my foot is hurt but my dream was destroy when we arrived in Karikola. There are NO JEEP here. (can I  cry? …no way). On the other hand, Buddha still love me haha. My guide said “we can get a Jeep in local village but we need to walk at least 3 hours more” I said “no problem dude, Let’s go” then we walk and walk until we arrived around 2pm there and we were waiting and waiting for couple hour. Justin realised that something id wrong so, he asked the driver when we will be leaving. And the answer is … “it will be raining and the road will be so dangerous, we can’t go” WHAT? And WHY? What happened? And why don’t you tell me? It was really waste time! Justin and I was little angry and try to push and go back to Phaplu on this night, finally we did.

Well well well, Do you think just wait and then go… NO. The situation is not easy like that, after we take a jeep we had to accept so many conditions from driver such as he can pick up any customer along the way, we have to build the road for him if the road is bad, we need to pay more than the regular price we all accept because my toe nail is getting black and blue and I can’t walk well. After we took the jeep about 2 hrs. Justin and I realise something again, they try to talk in Napali and translate to English so strange, likes they stop the car and say they will go to get some cash ?? And the driver will be right back he meets some friend on the mountain ?? Finally, the truth is happen: The jeep doesn’t have diesel since we start the trip! What a liar! We met another car on the mountain and try to transfers some diesel to our jeep (only 3 lt.) not enough. So we stuck on the mountain at 8pm on the way down. DANGEROUS we fight with driver he lied to us that it would be raining but No! Raining never happen, he should tell us that the jeep doesn’t have diesel but he said he can't speak English. what the problem! we have a translator. If we knew this, we could understand all. so, we left him there and we walked to Phaplu.  His guide mom is very nice. she worry about us on the way so, she drove to pick us up somewhere close to Phaplu then we arrived in 10pm. It was crazy day!


"No matter what happen GOOD or BAD, I still impressive my first trek x Bee"
Top of the world

Top of the world

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Delicious Nepali