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FIRST TIME Learning Paragliding

“I Believe I can Fly, I Believe I can touch the sky”

When teachers are teaching me, How to control a glider.

When teachers are teaching me, How to control a glider.

I want to share with you my recently trip in Pamukkale, Turkey where my new experience is begin. First of all I have to say I fell in love with Paragliding since travel in Nepal. I feel free when I’m up on the sky. Then I travel in Turkey and this trip I have a special friend come to visit Justin and me. He is very easygoing person from America and he gave us an idea to learn how to fly solo paragliding. Here we go

The next day, we tried to looking for school which teaching the beginning paragliding but there are no companies available on that time because it’s high season for Pamukkale. So, they prefer to take tandem than paragliding course. While Justin and Alex close to be give up on this, I try to keep finding again and again. Finally I found one!

We should ParaglidingTandemPamukkale company It’s first company to do tandem in Pamukkale. Mehmed (I’m sorry if I spell it’s wrong) and his team are very good for teaching. We took a short course in 5 days.

What we do in 5 days…

  • Day1 : Mehmed taught us about the important equipment, learn how to know what is A,B and C line for holding glider. Pull the glider and control it before it’s flying.

  • Day2 : Practice more and more try to start basic and good flying.

  • Day3 : We were better. So, Mehmed asked us to go up higher. We were excited about that because this time we had the real flying.

  • Day4 and 5 : We were good for flying on the beginning level so, Mehmed let us do it by ourselves.

This is what a fun time while we were studying in Pamukkale

“Never stop having fun”

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