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Romantic Bangkok Night

Romantic Bangkok Night

The luxury hotel in the old town

when we speak about Bangkok mostly people might think OOH LALA! Bangkok is the place that very civilized or too modern of South East Asia. So, who knows? That Bangkok also has the other part about “The old Town” and “RIVA ARUN” which is the best place where you must stay to feel fall in love. It is located in the old town of Bangkok close of Grand Palace only 0.6 km (so great).

For the room, there are so many good things for facilities and feel Thai and classic culture combined such as …

  • Lay on the soft bed
  • Stay in the wild room
  • Separate private shower 
  • Be immersed in the jacuzzi
  • The best services 


    Moreover, you will perceive all the good moment from the most beautiful view from Arun temple (Wat Arun) with Chao Phraya river. The last but not least for this place is restaurant on the roof top of hotel ; the atmosphere of open air! So, you can see all superb 360๐ view of the old town as Arun temple (0.5 km), Pho temple (0.7 km), Molee temple (0.8 km), Wang Lung (0.8 km) and Tha Tein  (0.6 km) etc.

“if you want to make a surprise for your love, this place is the best”
The sky on your feet

The sky on your feet

Amazing Bangkok Adventure

Amazing Bangkok Adventure