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Should or Shouldn't

Should or Shouldn't

Pakistan is the country that you MUST travel

"There are so many places that you can discover"
They are so nice and friendly that I have met in my life

They are so nice and friendly that I have met in my life

Let me begin by this world "I LOVE PAKISTAN" this can explain everything for all the trip here. To be honest I was scared at the first feeling before I visit Pakistan. So many close friends of me they always say and remind me to really be careful when I arrive in Pakistan. Because they read some news and that's not so good. All that things made me worried a bit but I still have my own opinion that it will be alright! 

But...I felt so so so happy since the first day I arrived here. from the border, people are so nice and helpful no matter they can speak English or not. All I can see just people really welcome me and smile. That's the reason why I changed my mind about Pakistan and I've known directly this place is very SAFE.

I started my journey from Lahore. This city is perfect, it is so clean and calm. people are so nice I will give you my example :) I walked on the street and just looking for some place that's interesting and one guys said to me ...

A guy: Hello, Can we take a selfie with my wife?

Me: Of course Yes :)

Me: What is your drink? (I asked because we stand at the place sale the drink and the way that make look interesting?

A guy: Sugar Cane it's so good and clean take it this is for you

Me: Thank you but it's okay I'm just asking

A guy: Come on Take it please you are my pleasure guest.

it's might be the little things but make me feel so happy and made my day also change my mind.


After that I arrived in Islamabad and I have no word to say because it's not what I think before. The city is good with the weather and all the environment. I enjoy time so much but one thing that I don't know it before it is about the hotel. The price of hotel here start from 20$ so, it is a bit expensive for me. 

Next, I will tell you about my trip in Pakistan and I recommend you that you MUST travel here. it is called GILGIT-BALTISTAN. if you have a travel visa, you can travel here with no problem because this area isn't prohibited area.

Let's start to see how beautiful it is

After I show you some beautiful pictures above. You might be curious about it right? I will tell you how to travel here. First, I recommend you rent a 4x4 car. It will be easier when you want to go and I also think it can be cheaper! and the best season that you should come is in JUNE. Around the middle of June is perfect because not too much people and you will feel all the place is only for you and what happen if you come after nothing change much just only with too many people and the traffic will be so bad.

Second, I suggest you start the trip in NARAN : it is a big city with beautiful lake on the top of mountain. You can drive around 20 mins and walk little bit to see the lake that have all the valley cover.

Next, RAMA LAKE the way you go here it might be little hard with the road. It's not long road but it's so many holes. after you can take a rest before go to the lake at the camping place and then walk for 3 km. to see the lake on the top of mountain with the snow.

Last but not least, you should go to CHINA BORDER. Warning from me Wearing a sweater! This place is not much interesting but you will see all the Pakistani how they are very happy to come and see China Border. They put all the feeling to be so happy to be here. what a cute way!


"you will never regret to travel in Pakistan"

Our New Family

Our New Family